tasty and Planet-friendly

TEMPTY is a protein-rich alternative for your meal based on fungal protein, mycelium.


Ideal for salads, poke bowls, noodles, and much more. 

high in PROTEIN

high in VITAMIN D

high in FIBER

low in sugar

low in saturated fat

Damn tasty!

tempty for a stir-fry



less CO2 than minced beef


less CO2 than minced pork


less CO2 than tofu

Or tacos full of tasty protein

"Our mission is to provide innovative food options that are good for both people and the planet."

We don't compromise on sustainability

According to a preliminary LCA done on our product*, 1 kg of TEMPTY is expected to produce ±0,8 kg of CO2 per kg. On top of that, the only food waste from our food production is currently a carrot peel. 

These measurements don't take into account consumer behavior.

*based on data from an LCA course at a Danish university

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tempty noodles
tempty meals and inforgaphics (2).png
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What a texture! 

Would you like to get tempty home?

If you would like to cook with TEMPTY, sign-up for our waiting list and we will let you know when and where you can purchase our product! :)

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A bit about us

Our queen of prototyping

We are a food startup founded with a vision to make as much possible impact as possible. Our company started when our founding team met online in a university course at DTU during quarantine in February 2021.

We are proud winners of DTU Skylab Ignite, the Danish & European food Innovation competition Ecotrophelia, and the Student Startup of the Year 2022 at DTU. 

Cecilie e. Lund

Our food safety hacker

Supported by

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Skylab Funding

Martina Lokajova

Our business hustler


Ana Pejic


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