less freshwater


less land

less CO2 emissions

Healthy, tasty, and sustainable

protein-rich alternative for your meal from mycelium. Ideal for salads, poke bowls, sandwiches, and much more. 

high in PROTEIN

high in VITAMIN D

high in FIBER

low in sugar

low in fat

Damn tasty!

tempty for a healthy poké bowl


Or a wrap full of tasty protein


"Our mission is to provide healthy and sustainable food options for everyone."

We don't compromise on sustainability

The production process of the mycelium we use is much more sustainable, compared to the production of e.g. 1 kg soy.

tempty packaging


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A bit about us

We are an early-stage food startup founded with a vision to diversify consumer diet through sustainable food alternatives. Our company is a spin-off of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). We are currently based there as part of the DTU Skylab Incubator.

We are also proud winners of DTU Skylab Ignite and the Danish & European food Innovation competition Ecotrophelia.

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Kaptajn Aage Nielsens Familiefond


Ana Pejic

Our queen of prototyping


Cecilie e. Lund

Our tech hacker


Martina Lokajova

Our business hustler

What is mycelium?

An easy way to visualize mycelium is to imagine it as the "roots of a mushroom" (even though that is not scientifically correct). For a more scientific definition, mycelium is the biomass produced through fermentation of filamentous fungi on e.g. a starch-rich media.

Why are we using mycelium?

We use mycelium as the main ingredient, because it is highly nutritious. It is rich in complete protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. On top of that it is more sustainable than e.g. soy in terms of the use of land and water, as well as CO2 emissions.

What would you compare your product to?

We are creating a new food category within meat alternatives that is comparable to tofu and tempeh. Our goal is to contribute to a bigger variety of food options, and NOT to mimick or try to replace meat.

When will our product be available for tasting?

We are striving to have tempty available on a market in early 2022. So stay tempted!

How does tempty taste?

The current tempty taste is inspired by Asian cuisine. In the future, we are expecting to add many new flavors!

What is the nutritional content?

One of our main goals is to create a food that is healthy and natural. The current version of tempty has (per 100 g): Enegy: 694 (kJ), 167 (kcal) Fat: 1.5 (g), while saturated fat: 0.4 (g) Carbohydrates: 19.7 (g), while sugar, 1,7 (g) Protein: 13.4 (g) Dietary fiber: 8 (g) Salt: 1,4 (g)

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