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About Us

Tempty Foods team
"We are on a mission to bring innovative food products to everyone's plates"
Vegan Startup of the Year 2023
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Vegan Startup of 2023

Startup of the Year 2022

Food Innovation Idea of 2021

Who are we

We are a Danish food innovation company creating foods of the future based on green proteins.

Our Story

Our story started in 2021 when our founders Ana, Cecilie, and Martina met at Danish Technical University in a food innovation course. United by a passion for positive change in our food system, they embarked on a journey to develop foods of the future.

Today, our team remains dedicated to pioneering innovation. We focus on creating innovative food products for chefs, empowering them to lead the way towards a more sustainable food system. As we look ahead, our commitment to driving positive change in the culinary landscape continues to inspire every creation we bring to the table."

Tempty Foods team


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Denmark’s Plant Fund Assigns DKK 58M for the First 36 Selected Plant-Based Food

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