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Impact & Ingredients

We care about improving our planet and providing resources for a balanced diet.

And we want to do it in a transparent way.


How is TEMPTY made?

TEMPTY is crafted from nature’s mycelium (mycoprotein), quinoa, lentils, and a touch of spice. All the nutrients, texture, and flavors come from TEMPTY's ingredients.


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Working with sustainability

We are working with tools that indicate our environmental impact. We are expecting to publish our certified LCA indicating not only CO2 but also other environmental indicators in the next 2 months.


Mycoprotein is the core

Looks like chicken, doesn't it?


Less resources than animal protein

It is a green proteinmade by fermeting nature's mycelium. It requires a lot less CO2, fresh water, and land to grow mycelium than to get animal protein or soy isolates


Great nutritional profile with complete protein

The protein in mycoprotein is considered as of the same "quality" as protein from animal products. It has complete protein with all essential amino-acids. 


Texture with a bite, ligth umami flavor

Mycoprotein has fillamentous texture that gives a resistance on bite which is often missed in plant-based products. On top of that, it brings a slight umami to the overall flavor profile of TEMPTY.

Produced in Denmark

Nutrition and sustainability of our products are our top priorities. While our production is rooted in Denmark, we source select ingredients globally to ensure the highest standards of sustainability and nutrition. 

Chef Stories For 
Sustainable Practices

Learn how some of our customers work with sustainability in their kitchens. 

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