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Order TEMPTY for your canteen or restaurant today

"We make it simple for you to reduce meat in your canteen."


You can order TEMPTY directly in the foodservice platforms below. You can also contact sales to learn more about TEMPTY at
varenr.: 60018734
varenr.: 350073

Not in your foodservice?

We are working on becoming available through different food services. Leave your contact information if you would like to order through a different food service or directly from us.

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"Tempty Foods is a very good plant-based protein-rich product with good consistency and is easy to work with also in kitchens like ours. It has a good composition of nutrients and most importantly a really good taste. At Jespers Torvekøkken, we are very proud to help food startups off to a good start.


Like Tempty Foods, we're on a plant-based journey. It is therefore fantastic to be able to contribute to the development of products, that can support and make the journey more varied, so there’ll be alternatives to tofu and chickpeas. It's been a great, exciting collaboration from the very first interviews and we’re looking forward to continuing this in the future."


customer opinion

- Michelle, Project Manager Sustainability

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