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Takashi Saito

Chef & Owner at SaitoCPH
Takashi Saito

TEMPTY by Saito!

TEMPTY miso dengaku

Marinated TEMPTY in miso, baked

Shiso leaves

TEMPTY miso denkagu

Takashi is a creative chef and owner at his own company SaitoCPH with a focus on Japanese cuisine with Danish ingredients.


TEMPTY Karaage


Marinated and deep-fried TEMPTY (in potato starch)

TEMPTY karaage

Dipping sauce

TEMPTY gyoza

Gyoza filling with TEMPTY

(TEMPTY, spring onion, ginger, garlic, , sesame oil)

TEMPTY gyoza

Takashi's key
sustainability initiatives


Using TEMPTY as alternative to animal based protein and a stand alone feature ingredient.

TEMPTY miso dengaku


Using seaweed that has an amazing ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. 



Working with interesting products and suppliers locally.

Image by Matt Donders

"TEMPTY has a nice base profile of texture and flavour, but where it shines is being really malleable to suit whatever direction you want your cooking to take."

"We try to feature local produce where it makes sense, and a big part of that is our use of Danish seaweed, which is of a superb quality and just perfect for our Japanese kitchen."

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