TEMPTY Smørrebrød for Christmas lunch

Working time: 15 min

Time in total: 15 min

Serving size: 1 portion

Energy: 762 kcal Fat: 23,3 g

Carbohydrates: 101,8 g Protein: 33,8 g

Fibers: 12,7 g Salt: 2,1 g


2 pieces of TEMPTY (100g)

2 slices of ryebread

100g champignons

2-3 pieces of pickled beetroot

vegan butter

vegan mayonnaise





1. Pan-fry TEMPTY oa medium heat using vegan butter for app. 3-4 minutes on both sides or until golden brown. Set to rest.

2. Clean and cut champignons into smaller pieces and fry in vegan butter using the same pan for 5 minutes. Add pepper and salt to taste.

3. Meanwhile, toast your rye bread slices.

4. Spread a spoonful of vegan mayonnaise on the rye bread slice and place TEMPTY on top. Add pickled beetroot and champignons. Lastly, top off with chopped chives.

6. Serve and enjoy!