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TEMPTY Miso Dengaku (inspiration)

TEMPTY miso dengaku

This inspirational recipe was created in a collaboration with Saito CPH. ๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿณ


TEMPTY (original rectangular patty)

Miso marinade

Oil for baking

Leafy greens for plating


This recipe is made to showcase that TEMPTY is a versatile ingredient that can be marinated/glazed and baked.

Step 1: Oil TEMPTY and bake for a few minutes

TEMPTY brushed with oil

Step 2: Take out of the oven when it has a crust.


Step 3: Brush TEMPTY with a miso marinade

TEMPTY brushed with miso marinade

Step 4: Put back to bake for a few minutes, when done cut into stripes

TEMPTY miso dengaku cut

Step 5: Serve and enjoy :))

TEMPTY miso dengaku

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