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  • How would you describe the taste of TEMPTY?
    Expect a balanced taste of umami from mycoprotein, satisfying nutty flavor from quinoa, and juicy sweetness from carrots. By giving it a final touch through seasoning and a cooking method, you can turn TEMPTY into a culinary experience of your choice.
  • Why do we use mycoprotein in our products?
    We use mycoprotein as our main ingredient for its balanced umami flavor and satisfying texture with a great bite. Our chosen mycoprotein is not only high in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals but also stands out for its sustainability compared to animal protein in terms of land use, water consumption, and CO2 emissions. For more detailed information on mycoprotein, you can visit this link.
  • What is mycoprotein?
    Mycoprotein is a sustainable and nutrition protein from nature's mycelium. It is cultivated through liquid fermentation, a process similar to the production of baker's yeast. Mycelium, a part of fungi, is among the world's oldest living organisms. For more in-depth details on the mycoprotein we use in our products, you can visit this link."
  • Where can I buy TEMPTY?
    TEMPTY original and TEMPTY burger are currently exclusively available for B2B clients, catering specifically to chefs in canteens and restaurants in Denmark. Our products can be purchased through platforms such as Dagrofa, AB Catering, BC Catering, Inco, and Hørkram. For events, you can place orders through our catering partners. As of today, our products are not available for retail purchase.
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