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Chef innovator community

Are you a chef with an ambition to cook more plant-based and sustainably?

Join TEMPTY’s Chef Innovator Community!


  1. Chef meet-ups to meet other chefs and network.

  2. Access to resources about green transition in food.

  3. Your culinary journey on our website and social media.

  4. Early access to new Tempty Foods' products and prototypes. 

  5. Free TEMPTY (a few kg every quarter) to be creative in your kitchen and test new plant-based recipes.

  6. And more!

There are requirements to be part of the community! 

Thank you, our team will get back to you soon.

How it works

We believe that chefs play a super important role in the our transition towards a more sustainable food system!

Being part of this community is all about collaborating to make impact together. 




Have a welcome chat with the Tempty Foods team


Get access to all the benefits

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